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I smelled my coworker’s feet today

so my coworker (cute petite 5’2 girl, pretty eyes, dimples)was helping me with something and I pulled the usual trick to get her to remove her shoes. I started to talking to her about her hair (from previous convo) then she mentioned how much money she paid for it. I threw in ” i hope that comes with a mani and a pedi”. And I started to comment about her nails and what colors she should do next and then I asked the magic question: “do you nails match your toes” at which point she proceeded to remove her shoe. Since she wears size 6, I commented “oh your feet are tiny, let me see if my hands are about the same size or bigger” and proceeded to place my hand on the soles of her feet. and of course she begins with the line “oh my feet are so gross and sweaty” but of course I did not care. I proceeded to pick up and her shoe wanting to “see” it but of course I wanted to smell so I took a quick whiff of them (smelled great, not cheesy but definitely sweaty) and pretended to be looking for her shoe size. And then a while after she left, i texted her “I had to wash my hands thatnks to your sweaty little feet” and she replied “haha hey I warned you”. Throughout the course of the day I proceeded to reveal my foot fetish and told her I loved the smell sweaty feet and sweaty shoes. Of course she found it funny as many girls do. I asked her about the flats I see her wear often inquiring if they make her feet sweaty and she confessed. I also tried to buy the flats she was wearing today¬† and she declined. I also tried to get her to pose her feet for me but she also declined. I will see if I can get lucky again but man I could not wait to post that story here. It smelled so good. i had always wanted to see her feet out of shoes and I had always fantasized about smelling shoes fresh of barefeet. I hope I can turn her around. I just have to tread lightly and not be so pushy. Would love some feedback. I am 25 and she is 24, I do IT for the office and she is one of the cad designers.


Anonymous asked:

I am just wondering why are some many of us, no matter our race love white women feet/wrinkled soles? Is a good reasom I marry a white woman because of her feet.

because of their pink soles, I want to jizz on some white-girl feet right now.

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